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20 passive income ideas for 2020

Passive income is to some extent a holy grail for income-minded individuals.

After all, earning money without actively working for it – once you overcome some obstacles – is a sweet deal, and a great way to increase your income on a regular basis.

What is passive income?

In a word, passive income (sometimes referred to as “residual income”) is the cash you earn after investing an upfront financial or “sweat equity”, then you sit back and roll the money. Let’s see. Good examples of passive income include.

  • An author who receives royalties after writing a book.
  • An entrepreneur who buys a car cleaning shop for an upfront cost, and collects money on washing, waxing, cleaning and extension services charged to customers.
  • An investor who lives on dividends and profits earned by smart stock market moves.
  • A real estate investor who fixes a house and rents it out for profit every month. The profit the owner gets after his initial investment is passive income.

Even a cash back credit card qualifies as passive income. You are making money – however small – on cash rewards purchases you make with your credit card, and this is enough to be considered passive income. Passive Income Vs. Active income

Passive income is the opposite of active income, which is when you serve or when you work full- or part-time and earn a salary per month, or earn a commission (like a salesman) or tips bartender.)

The key difference between passive and active income is this – with the former, you can literally make money while sleeping. With the latter, if you are not working, you are not earning any active income.


While there are dozens of ways to earn passive income, from building a mobile phone app to owning a vending machine, let’s stick to the passive income model topping the list of the best money making opportunities.

How to make a passive income by investing

  • Investing in stocks and bonds: Buy stocks, bonds, or a fund and watch your money grow – that’s the most popular form behind passing income. For example, from 1973 to 2016, 500 shares of Standard & Poor’s returned 11.7% annually – solid returns on the dollar for stock market investors over that time period.
  • Investing in bonds: Similarly, bonds are an attractive way to engage in passive income. In a recent 45-year period, the bond fund, as measured by the Mohra fund, returned 7.1%. Of course, there is no guarantee that investing in stocks or bonds will always work well, investing in them is the safest way to generate money through passive income.
  • Investing in Funds and ETFs: Mutual funds and exchange-traded funds share different stocks together, usually in the same category (eg large-cap stocks or auto industry stocks.) You buy into the fund. Pay a fixed price, depending on it. The current sale price, and the fund’s net asset value (NAV) can benefit through passive income when it moves upward.
  • Stock dividends: Some stocks, particularly the stocks of large corporate standouts, are paid to shareholders based on the number of shareholders, and a percentage of the stock price at the dividend date. For example, if a company pays 3% on a share that is trading at $ 100 per share, you would earn $ 3 for each share of that share. Add it up and it can be a good home payment as a passive investment.
  • Investing in Coins and Collectibles: Buffalo Nickel and Spiderman comic books are good examples of coins and collectibles that can increase in value, and thus provide opportunities for passive income investors. You will need to get up to speed on the value of any coin or collectible under consideration, but once you do, on how to appreciate the item you are paying a lower price to buy. Are, and will get a higher price when you sell.
    How to invest passive from online business
  • Sell items on eBay: The money you earn by selling items you buy at a lower price, and selling them at a higher price on sites like eBay (EBAY) – Get Report and Amazon (AMZN) – Get Reports.
  • Create an online course: So, do you like macrame or collecting rare coins? There is a market for specialized expertise, especially if you can create an online course and sell it on an online platform like Udami.
  • Sell Stock Photos: Online Stock Photos (There is a great demand for individuals, organizations, and businesses to use them when creating online content.) If you are a photographer with a backlog of great photos, then they should be given a photo photo like Depositphoto. Send to sites, which will pay a commission for any photos sold.
  • Build a mobile app: Maybe you have a great idea for a mobile app that brings the best French recipes or tips at the best golf finger tip. Hire an app programmer to put it together and sell it on the app store and trigger some passive income.
  • Start an affiliate marketing website: This passive income model works for individuals who already own a team or website. Here, your business goal is to contact companies and offer to postpone your products and services, usually for a fee or commission, depending on the number of page views you have received. Studies show that more people spend time online and less spend watching TV or reading newspapers. Take advantage of that leverage and earn income from the tens of companies that want to reach an audience – perhaps your audience. Either reach companies directly or go through a site like Clickbank, which offers affiliate marketing opportunities.
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How to get passive income from home

  • Design Your Own T-Shirt: People love T-shirts a lot, and they love wearing them. Take full advantage with a T-design-service that caters to a unique demographic like pet owners, beer drinkers or house gardeners. You can earn royalties on good tee designs using online sites like Amazon Merch.
  • Buy a small business: A local small business, such as a car wash or laundromat, is a great way to put money on a money-making venture. Automate it as long as you are not collecting money, you do not have to live on campus. Get into a local business with your eyes open – study books, especially on income and expenses, and check water and utility bills to see if your enterprise will be open 24 hours.
  • Rent advertising space on your vehicle: An emerging market these days, companies will pay you to advertise their products and services on your car, van or truck. Connect with a local or national company on a special web site like Wrapify and get your logo on your vehicle. Then, just drive and collect cash based on your mileage and visibility.
  • Earn Cash-Back Rewards: Earn money using your credit card through cash-back rewards, which actually pay you to use your plastic while shopping. For example, the Chase Sapphire Preferred Card pays you $ 50,000 – the value of $ 500, to spend $ 4,000 in 90 days using the card. Add an approved user to the card and earn more points and cash.
  • Pay off your debts: Think about it. The money you are not paying the credit card companies and the lender is the money that you deposit into your savings account. By not paying interest to lenders and using money to pay interest to you to others, you engage in the purest form of passive income – and enrich yourself in the process.

More Passive Income Examples

  • Investing in real estate: More passive income from investing in real estate provides cash potential – but more risk than investing in stocks or bonds. You will need a substantial amount of cash to invest in buying a home – a good home mortgage typically takes 20% down to take off the loan. But history shows that home prices usually increase over time, so buying a home for $ 200,000 and selling for $ 250,000 over a five-year time period, for example, a reasonable expectation when investing in real estate. is.
  • Investing in rental properties: Another form of real estate investment, rental investment (ie becoming a landlord) can take you down the passive income path of a steady monthly rent check that you can use for mortgage loans on rental property. To make payment. After the mortgage is paid, those monthly checks go right into your bank account – for years to come.
  • Investing in a business: Another good way to generate passive income is to invest in a business – a small one – in exchange for a percentage of profits – just like a shark tank, only small. Lending $ 10,000 to a local business, for example, Apple is working on a mobile app for phones, which can generate a passive income of profit when that mobile app starts selling like a hot cake .
  • Peer-to-peer lending: Earn up to 10% in returns by lending individuals, organizations and small companies that are not eligible for traditional financing through peer-to-peer lending platforms such as Lending Club (LC) – Get the report. You can lend $ 100, $ 1,000, or more to borrowers who meet the lending platform financial standards. Like a bank, you will earn interest on the loan – often at a higher return than banks.
  • Creating a blog or web site: Online blogs and websites that have built an audience are a good way to generate passive income, as well. Buy a current blog on a website broker like Flippa and collect income on page views (aim for a blog that is viewed at least 10,000 times per month) or on advertising or subscription sales.
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How the IRS Views Passive Income

Unexpectedly, the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) takes a keen interest in passive income — particularly in its most common form — on real estate, private business, and financial market investments.

According to Uncle Sam, you need to be “physically involved” in an enterprise to earn an active income. With passive income, this is the exact opposite, as the IRS motivates you to earn passive income if you are not physically involved with a profit-making venture. If you are engaged in a passive income venture, expect to be taxable from large and income. You will need to report income to the IRS.

There is a taxable upside for passive income. If you lose money, the IRS allows you to write off passive income as a tax deduction – which is another example of passive income in a way.