What are the differences between blogging and micro-blogging sites?

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A major milestone in the history of the Internet has been the development of blogging and micro-blogging websites. In this article, let’s explore what they are and what makes them different from each other. Blogging sites A blog is a journal of ideas or a diary published online without character limits. Its owner is at … Read more What are the differences between blogging and micro-blogging sites?

Blogging vs. Microblogging

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I am sure you were just sitting, thinking that it is best to promote your business online, and thinking about the pros and cons of microblogging vs. blogging. Am i right Chances are I’m wrong. Chances are you’ve considered starting a blog; Started more than one and made no more than a few posts; Thought … Read more Blogging vs. Microblogging

Start a Blog Day Class of International 2020

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How long have you been blogging? Is it day Week? Month? Years? Or are you just starting? Did you know that 2020 represents my third decade of blogging? No, I had not been blogging for 30 years, but I started in ‘Necties’ and continued through the teenage years of this century and now it is … Read more Start a Blog Day Class of International 2020

Seo stop word list

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SEO stop words are exceptionally broad phrases that almost all search engines such as Google are able to save home to their databases, and speed up crawling / indexing. In computing, stop words are phrases that are first filtered by or after processing pure language knowledge (textual content). For search engine marketing functions, these are … Read more Seo stop word list

What is SEO Friendly URL Structure in WordPress

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Have you ever wondered what is the most SEO friendly Permalink structure in WordPress? We often ask this question to new users. Because in the past, the default WordPress URL structure was not SEO friendly. Although this has now changed, in this article, we will explain the WordPress SEO friendly URL, and how you can … Read more What is SEO Friendly URL Structure in WordPress

How to Quit Your Job and Build an Online Business

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Today I want to give you some advice that I got when I was starting that I completely ignored but my friend took it to heart. This is a story of regret. And I hope it takes you to take more action on building your blog and your business. “Do not give up your day … Read more How to Quit Your Job and Build an Online Business

Find the time to create a product for your blog

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Creating and selling products such as e-books and courses can be a great way to monetize your blog. But where do you find the time to make them? A lot of bloggers already struggle to write posts, promote them on social media, respond to readers’ comments and emails, and everything else that goes with running … Read more Find the time to create a product for your blog

SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

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SEO (Search Engine Optimization) Engine If you are new to the world of Blogging or Digital Marketing then you have heard this a lot. So you must have come to the question that what is SEO (Search Engine Optimization)? And how do SEO for Website Blog? The full form of SEO is Search Engine Optimization. … Read more SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Find a sponsor for your blog

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Today’s work in the 31-day project will appeal more to those who want to make money from their blog. If you are not – there are a lot of other daily tasks in the previous days of the project that you might like to repeat. This task can also be easier for more established blogs … Read more Find a sponsor for your blog