How to advertise on TikTok

How to advertise on TikTok | singHBazar

Is your business using ? Wondering how to advertise on ?

In this article, you will learn how to create TickTalk ads to promote your products or services.

How to advertise on TikTok by Vrinda Singh on Social Media Examiner.

Are TikTok Ads Right For Your Business?

With in excess of 500 million dynamic clients around the world, TikTok presents an immense open door for publicists. Not only has Ticketok outpaced Twitter and Snapchat in popularity, but it is less saturated with ads than its older counterparts. The visual app — which allows users to edit and share 15-second videos with built-in filters, effects, and music — has truly rocked the marketing world with its unprecedented uniqueness.

In early 2019, the app launched a beta version of its commercials offering. Since then, big names such as Grubh, Nike, Fenty Beauty and Apple Music have used TikTok advertisements to promote products in unique, visually compelling campaigns. With advanced targeting and unique ad creation features, the TikTok advertising platform is unlike many of its predecessors. When used effectively, it can help you tap into one of the most attractive pools of users.

Be that as it may, only one out of every odd business is situated to profit by Tiktok’s remarkable contribution.
Before investing your time and effort in Tiktok advertising, here are two questions you need to determine if this advertising platform is right for your business.

What is the target demographic for your business?

If young people are one of the primary audiences for your business, then TikTok advertising can be a worthwhile investment for you. Tickcock has 66% of users under the age of 30 (41% age 16-24), this is not the right platform for businesses that cater to older audiences.

To visualize this, a significant number of trending videos at Tittock relate to youth-oriented subjects such as school and homework.

How to advertise on TikTok | singHBazar

However, it is worth noting that while Tiktok’s current audience is predominantly young, social networks are first adopted by younger audiences, and then leave their mark on older demographics. So it can still be worthwhile to know how to stay ahead of the stage, even if Tiktok is not the right fit for your business at this stage.

Do you have the budget to advertise on TickTock?

While large businesses such as Nike, Disney and Grub have increasingly advertised on TikTok to drive large impressions, TikTok advertisements may be less affordable for small businesses.

Because advertisements on the platform are new and rare, they incur premium costs that start at an average of $ 10 per CPM and can cost up to a total of $ 300,000 for larger campaigns. In addition, TikTok campaigns require a minimum investment of $ 500, so that they are not more suitable for your business if you are looking for more affordable and predictable advertising options.

If you decide that Tiktok ads are a worthy investment for your business, here’s how to get started.

# 1: Create a TikTok Advertising Account

To create your first ad campaign, go to the TikTok Ads home page and click on the Create a Ad button.

   Create a TikTok Advertising Account
Because TikTok ads are still in beta, the process of setting up ads is not completely online yet. When you click the button, a form requests details to set up your account. After submitting this information, a representative will contact you to set up your TikTok advertising account.

It can take up to 48 hours to get your account. When you are done, the process of creating an advertisement is relatively simple.

# 2: Create a TikTok Advertising Campaign

In the TikTok Ads dashboard, click the Campaigns tab at the top of the page, and then click the Create button.

Create a TikTok Advertising Campaign
Next, choose a campaign objective, which is the primary goal of your ad. As of this writing, you can choose from three options: traffic, conversions, and app installs.

Create a TikTok Advertising Campaign
To set your budget at the campaign level, select the Daily budget or Total budget option under Settings. Note that both the daily budget and the total budget must be at least $ 500.

Create a TikTok Advertising Campaign
# 3: Set Up Your TikTok Ad Placement, Description, and Targeting

The next step is to create an ad group for your campaign and choose your placements and targeting.

One of the most useful features of Tiktok Advertising Dashboard is that it allows you to select the exact platforms on which you want your ads to run. These include not only TikTok, but the entire family of apps such as Vigo Video (India only), BuzzVideo, News Republic, and others.

There is also an option for automatic placement, where Tiktok determines where your ad will perform best and puts it there.

Set Up Your TikTok Ad Placement, Description, and Targeting
Once you have selected your preferred placement, follow the prompts to enter all the details needed to run your ad, including any relevant URLs, display names, images, and categories. You can select up to 20 keywords to describe your website or app, which will then be used to match your products with the right audience.

The focusing on segment lets you characterize the intended interest group for your promotions. Set parameters for location, age, gender, languages, interests, equipment, and more to attract the right audience for your ads.

Set Up Your TikTok Ad Placement, Description, and Targeting
If you have a specific group of people to target on TikTok, you can create a custom audience by uploading the IDs of existing Tikkok users. Just upload the ID as a CSV, TXT or ZIP file.

# 4: Control your TikTok advertising spend, duration and goals

Now you are ready to choose a budget, schedule and goals for your TikTok ads.

Set a Budget and Schedule

In the Budget and Schedule section, set the budget for the ad group. You can choose either a daily budget (the amount you are ready to spend each day) or a total budget (the total amount you are prepared to spend for the duration of the schedule). Note that there is a $ 50 minimum for the daily budget and total budget at the ad group level. Proofreader’s Note: At the hour of this composition, the base every day spending plan at the advertisement bunch level was cited as $ 50 USD (as appeared in the screen capture underneath). Current support files for Tiktok ads are now spoken at the ad group level as a minimum daily budget of $ 20 USD.

Also choose a set duration for your ads. Dayparting allows you to select specific times of day or week for your ad to run.

Set a Budget and Schedule

Choose pacing option

Next, determine the pacing of your budget, which will determine the pace of spending your budget. Standard delivery options meet your budget evenly throughout the campaign period, while the speed option spends the budget as quickly as possible during the scheduled time.

Select your optimization goal

Your optimization goal represents the key metric expected from your campaign. You can choose to optimize your ad group for conversions, clicks, or impressions, and your bid will be optimized based on the goal you choose.

If you choose conversion as your goal, then your ad will be served to the people who are most likely to convert for your product or service. To track all actions that reflect the conversion (eg, app download or form submission), create the conversion program by clicking on the library and selecting the conversion.

From here, decide if you want to set up conversion tracking for app installs, or some elements of your landing page via Pixel.

To create an application install conversion, type a name for your conversion event, enter a link to your app in Google Play or the App Store, and select a tracking partner to measure conversions from your ad.

Select your optimization goal
Conversion goals are set using the OPCC (optimization cost per click) bid method, which ensures that your ads are shown to the users who are most likely to do the tasks you expect. With OCPC, you bid on your expected individual conversion cost, but then pay by CPC (cost per click). Tiktok ads automatically adjust bids based on your bid settings, bringing your campaign costs closer to your target price.

If you select clicks as the overreaching goal for your ad group, you will be billed based on CPC, plus your ad can be optimized to receive the maximum possible clicks.

Finally, if you set impressions as your goal, your ad will be billed based on CPM (cost per mill), which reflects the cost of one thousand impressions.

Turn smart optimization on or off

Tikok offers an option called Smart Optimization, and if it is enabled, your bid will be continuously increased and optimized to increase conversions. If you choose clicks or impressions as your goal, then it is best to turn off smart optimization.

# 5: Design your ad using Tittock’s Video Creation Kit

When it comes to designing creative assets for your advertising, the process is quite straightforward. TikTok advertisements can be even, vertical or square recordings and pictures. The best thing about the advertising platform is a tool called Video Creation Kit, which provides video and image templates that you can customize using your existing images. It also comes with 300+ options for free background music.

Tiktok currently allows the following ad types: brand acquisition, in-feed advertising and hashtag challenges.

Brand acquisition

A brand takeover ad will immediately appear when the user opens TikTok. Advertising can be redirected to internal or external links – either to another video on TikTok or to an external website or app. Presently, this promotion type is restricted to one promoter for every day.

Food distribution app Grubh ran a video brand acquisition advertisement earlier this year:In-feed advertisement

In-feed advertisements

are native advertisements that are either placed at the bottom of the organic tickcock video or as part of the video queue, depending on the type of product in the feed. These advertisements likewise divert to your site or application. On average, they spend $ 10 per CPM, making them a more affordable option than brand acquisition.

Here is an advertisement for an app that appears while scrolling through videos on the platform:

Hashtag Challenges

You can collaborate with TikTok’s advertising group to make a supported hashtag challenge that urges clients to share content on TikTok for the benefit of your image. The challenges usually last 6 days.

# 6: Optimize Your TikTok Advertising

When creating a brand acquisition or in-app display ad, make sure you use high-resolution images, as the views of the ad will take over the user’s entire screen and be highly visible.

Focus on just one call to action (CTA) to get the most out of your redirect link. For example, if you ask users to download your app and use a coupon code through your website, you might confuse some viewers by redirecting them to your app’s download screen .

For ad copy, note that Tiktok ads provide very little room to explain anything with words. Advertising descriptions are limited to 80 English characters, so if you’re selling a more complex product or service, include the words in your display creative using a video creation kit.

Since all advertising details appear at the bottom of the screen, place your main creative elements in the middle of the screen to avoid congestion.

As with most ad formats, it is best to experiment with a range of targeting options and creative elements before limiting your ad to the most successful combinations of elements.

Pro tip: Apart from the video creation kit, take advantage of other built-in advertising tools. At the ad group level, the automated creative optimization tool (shown in the action below) allows you to upload 10 pictures or 5 videos, 5 ad text and 1 CTA and then combine your creative assets into multiple ads. This will test a variety of these ads throughout your campaign and ultimately present the best possible combination for your target audience.

The video tool from the landing page will capture high-quality image content from any landing page URL you insert into it and then automatically combine these images with music to automatically generate video ads.

The conclusion
Thanks to a comprehensive offering of design and automation tools, Tiktok advertising is easy to install and master. As it stands, the most challenging aspect of advertising on the platform is the lack of available guidance due to how new the platform is. The step-by-step guide above will help you navigate the interface and get up and running in no time.