How to download a copy of what Instagram knows about you – and how to delete it

How to download a copy of what Instagram knows about you - and how to delete it

Co-founder and CEO of , Kevin Systrom.

’s Instagram keeps a copy of everything you’ve shared. A collection of that information is easy to download, so I’m going to show you how.

There are two primary reasons you want to do this: first, it’s worth looking at what kind of personal information is stored on Instagram’s savers. Second, it is convenient if you want to take all your and move to another service.

Here’s what i found

I downloaded my collection and found that Instagram has access to all of my contact phone contacts – including their names, email addresses and full names – even if they use Instagram. It also has a copy:

  • My profile information.Everything I have discovered on Instagram.
  • Which I follow to everyone.
  • Every post I liked.
  • Direct messages I have sent to other users.
  • Every video I posted.
  • Every photo I’ve ever posted.

Every story I’ve ever shared (Stories are Instagram’s Snapchat-like feature.)
The Instagram Archive does not include any data about ads you have seen or interacted with, or what type of advertising topics you think might be of to you. Facebook should have this data somewhere, but it is not included in your file. download.

download your data

You can download your own collection and know what Instagram still knows about you. Like this:

  • Navigate to and choose your profile.
  • Click on the gear next to your name and choose “Privacy and Security”.
  • Scroll to “Data download” and click “Download request”.
  • Then enter the email you want to get the download link as well and verify the request by entering your Instagram password.

While Instagram says it can take up to 48 hours, I found my download link in thirty minutes.

The data comes as a zip file with folders for photos, stories and videos. Anything that is not a picture or video – messages, profile, search, and settings – are saved in text format that you can open on a computer with notepad.

How to delete your Instagram data:

If you do not want Instagram to have this data, you can delete it all. (Instagram confirms in its FAQ that it has indeed been removed.) By doing this you will have to permanently delete your entire account. If you do not wish to do so, you can also temporarily disable your account.

Like this:

  • Go to “Delete your account page” of Instagram.
  • Choose a reason why you want to delete your data.
  • Click “Permanently delete my account”.

Bus. Now you have learned how to download a copy of all your Instagram data and how to delete it, if you want.

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