How to fix ethernet connection in windows 10

How to fix ethernet connection in windows 10

An Ethernet connection or wired connection is better than WiFi, in my opinion, but then like everything else, an Ethernet connection can stop working. If you do not have an alternative way to connect, then the only way to fix the Ethernet connection. In this post, we will explain what you can do when your Ethernet is not connected to the in Windows 10.

Ethernet connection does not work in Windows 10

There can be several reasons for the breakdown of an Ethernet connection. It can be a rouge driver, Windows Update can cause problems, or it can be a problem with the Internet itself. Let’s take a look at several scenarios to fix network and Internet settings.

  • Check ethernet cable connection
  • Enable ethernet in windows
  • Make sure the internet is working
  • Update ethernet drivers after windows update
  • Disable and review firewall and vpn configuration
  • Use the windows troubleshooter
  • Other scenario
  • How to fix unknown network in windows 10
  • DHCP not enabled? How to enable DHCP in Windows 10/8/7
  • Windows cannot automatically detect the proxy settings of this network
  • Windows 10 does not have a valid IP configuration of Ethernet or WiFi
  • Your connection was interrupted, a network change was detected.

1] Check the Ethernet cable connection

This is one of the basic steps that we ask that you cannot connect to the Internet or when Ethernet is showing you limited connectivity. Earlier Windows changed the connectivity icon in the system tray to give a clear message that the Ethernet cable is not connected. The same applies to Wifi. Now all of you see a globe icon that says “not connected – no connection available”.

This is misleading, so check if the Ethernet cable is connected correctly. If it is connected to the router, make sure the router is powered on. An alternative method is to go to Control Panel \ All Control Panel Items \ Network Connection and check what any Ethernet status says – network cable unplugged.

  • If it is connected, follow the next step.

2] Enable Ethernet in Windows to fix the problem

In Windows 10. the same globe icon is displayed when an Ethernet connection is disabled. When I say that is disabled, I mean that the device is disabled at the software level. Here’s how to enable it

  • Open Settings (Win + I) and navigate to Network and Internet
  • Click on the adapter option button
  • This will reveal the list of Ethernet connections available on the computer
  • Check if any of the Ethernet is ejected. If yes, then it is disabled.
  • Right-click on it, and click Enable.

This will restore working condition. If it is enabled, and Ethernet is still not working and displays the globe icon, then we need to check if the internet is working.

3] Make sure the internet is working

Since neither the Ethernet adapter is disabled or the network cable is unplugged, this brings it to the final basic test – is the internet connection working fine. You will get the same globe icon when the internet is not working.

If it has a modem, check if the perceived lights are on or if you have connected it to a router, check if you can access any website through your mobile device while connected to WiFi.

Contact your Internet provider to resolve the issue. The IP configuration or the username and password used to connect may change. If so, then you need to update accordingly ….

4] update ethernet drivers after windows update

Many times an Ethernet connection problem occurs after Windows Update. This can be a feature update or a regular update. This usually happens when Windows wants to update network drivers so that it can communicate properly. So if this is the case, you will need to update the network drive.

  • Open Device Manager using Win + X + M
  • Expand the Network Adapters section, and locate your network hardware.
  • Note the Ethernet hardware name. To find the exact name, right-click and select Properties. Name must be in front.
  • Since you cannot connect to the Internet from here, go to the OEM website and use another computer to download the driver.
  • Copy the driver to USB, and then copy it to the computer where the connection is not working correctly.
  • If the drive has a setup file, double-click to install. If it is an INF file, follow this guide to update the driver.

Any driver issues will be resolved by updating the driver, and this should fix the Ethernet connection in Windows.

5] Disable and review firewall and VPN configuration

The Ethernet problem may be limited to certain applications or websites. This may be because the firewall blocks them. Follow our detailed guide on how to manage firewalls, and allow applications to access the Internet. You should also about network protection in Windows.

Most VPNs offer a disconnect mode that interrupts the connection on the device to ensure that privacy remains intact. If you have selected the option, make sure the VPN is working.

Finally, you need to make sure that the firewall or VPN does not block any particular application or the website is not running.

6] use network troubleshooter

Network troubleshooter is an inbuilt solution that can fix small and medium issues on its own.

  • Open Settings, and navigate to Updates and Security> Troubleshooting> Network Adapter
  • Select and click the Troubleshoot button

If the problem is basic, it should be able to be fixed.

7] Other Scenarios to Fix Ethernet Connection in Windows

Here is a list of some of the top network issues related to Ethernet that we have covered. If any of these are related to your problem, then learn to fix it.

We hope that for fixing Ethernet connections in Windows 10 were helpful.

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