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How to get instagram dark mode for android for easy scrolling at night

Since Apple’s iOS 13 update released a dark mode for the iPhone, apps have been jumping on the bandwagon to make sure they can support this hyped new feature. Dark mode means that the user’s brightness of your phone provides a more comfortable visual experience when your eyes are tense. Of course, apps also want to support this feature, and on Monday, October 7, Instagram released Dark Mode for both iOS and Android. If you’re not on an Apple phone, read on to find out how to get for Android, so you can scroll easily even at night.

Since the release of the new feature on Monday, both iOS and Android users on most updated operating systems have been able to dim or scroll black lighting with the new Instagram Dark mode. Luckily, with iOS 13, iPhone users can only get Dark Mode on the app by putting their entire phone on Dark Mode. Thankfully, this is not much different for Android phones, except that there are some limitations. Don’t be too intimidated though, as it’s really ‘very simple to get the new feature on the gram, its black and dark brown color means it takes it easy on your eyes in the dark.

Using Instagram Dark Mode on Android Phones

social media, How to get instagram dark mode, android night,instagram dark mode,android night mode
This is not a complicated process, but it may take some time until your Android phone has this feature. Why? Ok, you need Android 10, the latest Android OS to use Dark Mode on your phone.

  1. Check if you already have Android 10 or if you can upgrade it. To see if an upgrade is available, go to Settings> System> System Update.
  2. Once you are updated to Android 10, turn on your Dark Mode by going to Settings> Display> Dark Theme.
  3. You can also turn on the Dark Mode via Battery Saving Mode by going to Settings> Battery> Battery Saver. The two are now connected because dark mode saves battery life, so if you switch to battery saver, you will automatically go to dark mode.
  4. Open the Instagram app.
  5. Dark mode will activate in your Instagram app when you have it turned on in your phone’s settings, and you will be able to scroll through it until you turn on Dark Mode on your phone.

Dark mode is getting some good feedback from insta users so far on Instagram

It can be as easy as turning on Instagram’s dark mode with your Android phone. However, there is no way to turn it on and off within the Instagram app. It all works from your phone settings.

There is some bad news for some of you Android users, though. Android 10 update is not yet available on all Android phones. According to PCMag, most Google Pixel phones should have an update available for them, as it started preparing a crop of Pixels on Sept. 3. According to an article on Google, the brand is “working with [its] partners. And upgrade the devices to Android 10 this year.” So, this means that this update to Google devices and partner devices will take the rest of Android. It can be found sooner than devices that don’t yet. According to an October 8 post on Samsung’s website, the Android 10 beta version for Galaxy S10e, S10, and S10 + users should arrive “soon”.

Other social media apps have also been working to support Dark Mode on iOS 13 and Android since Roll 13. Back in September 2019, Twitter updated to integrate its Dark Mode with iOS 13.

Only here it is reported that Android is like lagging behind. If you are one of the lucky Android users who have Android 10, then you should check out the gorgeous Instagram Dark Mode which not only saves your battery and looks great, but is very easy on the eyes.