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What are the differences between blogging and micro-blogging sites?

A major milestone in the history of the Internet has been the development of and micro- websites.

In this article, let’s explore what they are and what makes them different from each other.

Blogging sites
A blog is a journal of ideas or a diary published online without character limits. Its owner is at liberty to express his opinion about one or more subjects.

Basically, a blogging site is one that gives you a personal online space in which you can write or publish texts, or news items called “posts”, which may also contain pictures and hyperlinks.

They are designed to be used as an online diary collected chronologically. “Posts” or articles are shown from the latest to the oldest, where the author always retains the freedom of publication whatever he deems appropriate.

Blogger can control user comments, and can also enable their blog to be followed by others, meaning that whenever the blog owner posts a new article, the system will send emails or messages to subscribed users. The most commonly used blog hosts are and

Micro-blogging sites
The latest developments in the field of applications for communicating over the Internet are microblogs. Microblogging, also known as nanoblogging, is a service that enables its users to send and publish short messages (about 140 characters), usually just text and regular “What are you doing?” ? ” Answer questions like “Do you find interesting?” e.t.c.

These updates are displayed on the user’s profile page and are also immediately sent to other users who have chosen to receive them. The user can restrict sending these messages only to members of his circle of friends, or may allow access to all users, which is the default setting. An example of a micro-blogging site is .com.

Difference between blogging and micro-blogging sites
1. As mentioned above, there is a big immediate difference between a blog and a microblog and that is the number of characters allowed to communicate. As a blogger you generally have no limits while as a microblogger you are usually limited to 140 to 150 words.

2. There is a huge difference in your writing style as a blogger and a microblogger, which in turn determines the convenience offered to tell readers an idea.

3. A blogging site updates at the discretion of the blogger while a microblogging site keeps updating minute by minute.

4. Blogging sites are not active like microblogging sites. A new blog may appear after a long hiatus that depends on the convenience of users, although a microblogging site is much more active with new posts appearing within seconds.

5. Another fundamental difference behind the development of both sites is philosophy. A blogging site is not meant to update the user and his or her friends about the day-to-day activities of the user and vice versa whereas micro-blogging sites are precisely this.

Mastering these new methods of communication is not easy, but when you are familiar with them, you begin to identify the benefits of each

It is a new and enriching experience, both personal and professional, so do not waste any time entering the world of blogging and microblogging and benefit from the immense benefits that they have to offer.

Do not become addicted to the extent that they start disrupting your normal lifestyle.