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What’s New in Digital – Digital Marketing News Version 3

A summary of important developments in Internet marketing for marketers should be known from the previous month. This summary of 5 key areas of Internet marketing was created in collaboration with Dave Chaffey of Internet marketing strategy

Social Media Marketing – Changes From 3 Of The Main Network

  • Facebook introduced a paid version of offers – it is already available free-of-charge, but not widely used, is expected to see more coupon-based offers to redeem online or offline. Facebook now offers their Advertising is charging for them as part of the feature. Mary Page wrote a post for Smart Insights readers sharing the first test results for the feature.
  • Twitter improves options for ad targeting – This new feature of Facebook such as “interest targeting” makes Twitter more suitable for small business advertising campaigns. In the alert we also show you where to find campaign ideas and useful Twitter marketing guides from Twitter.
  • B2B: LinkedIn Update Company’s Page- The LinkedIn Blog of 06/09 highlighted the redesign of these pages, showing new opportunities to promote products. This month we launched a new eBook to help B2B marketers make better use of social media and inbound marketing. Brilliant B2B Digital Marketing in this post by Renee Power explains why B2B companies need a digital marketing strategy.
  • Listen to our podcast episode 37 which provides some more useful tips on getting the most from your social platforms.

Search Marketing – New Advice and a New Budget Option in

  • 66 Tips from #BrightSnow- Along with thinkability at Leeds and SASCON in Manchester, Brighton has become one of the most popular search events to discuss the latest approaches in SEO search, social media and analytics. Personally, I think it is great to see these domestic conferences (and similar to other countries) well compared to conferences where experts are jettisoned from overseas how we have to do it. This is one of the best collections of tips. For a hot topic of mobile SEO, I recommend checking out this deck with Aleda Solis.
  • BrightonSEO keynote speech – given by SiteVisibility CEO Jason Woodford at this year’s conference, the keynote speech focuses on the reputation of the SEO industry and how we should all strive to make the world a better place.
  • One of the best pieces of SEO advice – an interesting question with great answers was voted on Quora by many SEOs. With 12,000 views it shows that Quora is still active in certain traces.
  • New AdWords Shared Budgeting Option – Shared budgeting can make it easier to match your AdWords spending, which allows your business to allocate a marketing budget.

User Experience, Analysis and

  • The iPhone5 was launched in September, as you may have heard. The iPhone 5 has a different screen resolution to the previous model at 1136-by-640 pixels compared to the 960-640, so you can start recording it in your analytics. Here are the design implications – unfortunately more testing of required apps and designs
  • A new time for Google Analytics users – Here I explain how shortcuts give you quick access to your favorite reports and customizations. Comparison of time has also become more user friendly for comparison. Excellent, but about time!
  • 5 Google Tools for Digital Marketers – This post covers some of the target Internet’s favorite Google tools that all digital marketers should know about.
  • Call-to-action for investing in conversion rate optimization – a short video case study of how an international company performs conversion rate-by-optimization
  • Ship Early, Ship Often – This “inside story” shows how Facebook tests and improves and discusses the implications of companies without their resources


  • Email Look Book 2012 – If you work in email marketing, you can see the latest campaigns and approaches of response.
  • Behavioral Email Marketing – Also known as event-triggered email marketing, this technique is still not used as much as it should and should be. In this post, Mark Brownlow asks 6 questions for your trigger email.